Printer’s Valentine

I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day but I completely forgot. I found this while hunting through old books and thought that you all would get a kick out of it!

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!

(you can also see it here…

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The Smart Set a Magazine of Cleverness.png

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Love it … any day of the year!

Oh my, so scandalous!

Seems to be a lot of lakes and rivers. Still waters run deep.

So scandalous!

So fun, thanks for sharing!

Thanks, milkandtoast! Just last night I happened to be reading The Annotated Alice by Martin Gardner, which includes a lengthy note about Lewis Carroll’s “The Mouse’s Tale,” which is actually in the shape of a mouse’s tail. Here’s part of the note, which provides some good references on the subject.


Barbara- The last book mentioned “Whimsey Anthology” can be found on google books… I actually bookmarked it some time last year! What are the odds?

Wow, thanks, milkandtoast! I was going to Google some of those books, too. It’s great that A Whimsy Anthology is there. It’s got some wonderful examples!