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Hi Everyone. A nice lady from refereed me here and told me that some people on here sometimes do services exchanges (bartering ). My name is Becky and my fiancé & I are planning a 2012 wedding. I am a full time, successful internet marketer. Basically what I do is design webpages & get them to the top of search engines like google. I have the following services I could offer you:

- Advertising on all / or some of my pages (Currently my webpages get well over a half a million visitors a year!). One of my sites is for Adirondack Weddings, and is set to get over 10,000 visitors this year.

- OR SEO services. Free internet marketing services to get YOUR webpage in the top ranks of google & yahoo for specific keywords. I will also help you pick out the keywords.

- OR Building and create your webpage. Including a Twitter account with 1000’s of followers, and Facebook account!

- Or all 3…

I would be more then willing to pay for shipping!

Please let me know what you think or if you have any question, comments, or concerns.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sooooo Becky, your offer has me interested, I’m more than willing to do a bang up job on your wedding needs. I’m in need of a web site, etc. Where are you located? I’m in California and do custom letterpress printing for the public as well as for the trade. I have letterpress, offset, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, etc. Call me 1 559 730-1596 if you are interested. Carl.

Hi Carl, I am located in New York. So again, I would be more then happy to pay for the shipping of the items.

I will can you tomorrow or Tuesday! Very excited to make this happen!



Becky, My wife and I have a small wedding invitation business named Prairie Flower Press, we are located in suburban Chicago, we currently have a web site but would be interested in some of your marketing skills. You can find our web site at, all our contact information is there, I look forward to hearing from you.

Ted Giardino

Have a question. If you doing so well in the marketing and website business why do you need to trade services?

Why not just pay to have your invitation printed?

Hey Ted! I could love to help you out. I will call you today (the 22nd).

Thank you!

Hey Aaron, Great questions! And I completely agree with you. There are a couple reasons. First, while I do understand that time is money, I would much rather pay with my time, then my money. I don’t care how much money you make, it is always wise to save money and use your skills to your advantage. My skill will not only help others, but while I am helping you, you can help me. Second, and this gets a little sticky. For tax reasons , because my business is a corporation, its far wiser to barter services that to pay for!

If you have anymore questions, please ask!


Don’t forget to report the fair value of your bartered service as income!

@ Vrooooom, Of Course!

@ Carl, did you get my emails?


I’m in NYC- I’m interested in the idea-

E-mail me- [email protected]


Sorry but at least one part of the services offeredhere is super dubious folks. Promising a twitter account with 1000 followers makes me immediately question the value of the followers. Or to put it bluntly - the value of a twitter account is in the quality of the followers and the relationships you have developed with those people.

In terms of creating traffic to your sites there is no secret, simply write good relevant content and that will drive traffic. 10,000 visitors a year is nothing special in web terms and will not drive massive advertising sales if that sounds enticing to you.

(source: I’m a print and web designer and I’m just hoping to help you avoid disappointment. My website does around 7000 unique visitors a month but drives very little in terms of actual sales. All I’m suggesting here is a little dose of reality and caution - sorry to be a wet blanket )

@ funnelbc…

First off, thank you for your skepticism. An ounce of playing “devils advocate” is healthy I think. Also, I should say, GREAT traffic to your site! You should be proud. However, if you are not getting conversions, you should seek the help of an internet marketer ( like me ) or someone else. That is way to much traffic to not be getting conversions. Period. You are either no attracting specific enough traffic (for example: someone searching for ‘wedding invitations’ lands on your site, and your site but you DON’T DO wedding invitations.) or your web page is not set up to get the maximum amount of conversions as you could get. Again, you SHOULD BE getting plenty of sales for that much traffic!

Second, as regards to my twitter account (s), many of my accounts are older accounts. 1000 good followers with time is VERY easy to get. VERY easy. It just involves a few techniques and because I do this all the time I know those techniques. If you do not do internet marketing for a living there is no real reason the everyday person should bother knowing those techniques. In business ‘time is money’ and I believe it is a better option for you to concentrate 75% of your time on your art, and the rest of your time on the other parts of your business. If you tried to do all of the internet marketing yourself you would end up spending 90% of your time on the internet and ONLY 10% on your art.

Next, what I do is called SEO ( search engine optimization) and frankly, I am good at it. I optimize web pages so that they rank high in search engines and have good sales conversions. Ranking high in search engines goes WAY, WAY beyond good content. What needs to be done to rank high for any competitive keyword(s) goes way beyond good content. Period. Good content is a start, and it’s important but it is only 1/20th of the formula. If anyone wants to more, I am more then happy to share! No secrets here.

Next, the site I mentioned about is a niche specific wedding site. Don’t ever be fooled that 10,000 a year is not a lot a of visitors! Anyone would rather have 10,000 visitors a year converting at 50% then 100,000 visitors a month with 0% conversions. A lot of times having very niche specific visitors is better then having a lot of generic visitors.

With that said, I do have a handful of sites under my belt that get 2,000 to 3,000 visitors a day…I just was not stating that in my original post because I don’t think that traffic would be beneficial to any of you.

I have found someone I am working with on this project, but if any of you would like some pointers on your site I would be more then happy to give you some.

Thanks! You all have been wonderful!