Sheet of tin for under a press

Anyone have a good resource for buying the tin piece that should go under presses to catch oil and sludge?

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An auto parts supply store. Ask for a galvanized steel drip pan (or tray).

Less expensive in cost, and able to custom-build a press drip-pan, would be a furnace and ducting fabrication shop. The pans carried by the auto jobbers rarely suit the footprint of platen. presses. Failing that - there’s always kitty litter.

The trays that I mentioned are 25 x 36 inches and cost around ten bucks.

an update on this:
couldn’t find anything other than plastic oil drip pans at local auto supplies :(

ended up finding a sheet of galvanized (steel or aluminum- not sure which) at a HVAC supplier here near philadelphia.

For those of you in the area in need of something like this check out Riley Sales- they also sell large shallow trays or pans you can go there in person- it’s the location in plymouth meeting on Romano Drive.

Is the above mentioned 25x36 tray about right for a 10x15 windmill?

Purpose-built drip trays for a windmill measure 38”x55”. A 25x36 will fit, albeit tightly, under the body of the press, but will not catch oil dripping from air pump, flywheel/clutch, motor and feed/delivery boards.

yes,,, your local HVAC contractor should be able to make what you need

Just found this thread. taking into account modernman’s suggestion that the 25 x 36 would be tight and not catch oil from other areas…what would be the ideal size tray for a
C & P 10 x 15?

36” x 54” will comfortably protect the floor under an open 12x18. A little bit smaller for a 10x15 I guess.

Do you have the press? Just measure the width and length.

contact a local sheet metal shop. you should be able to have one made up, with a small lip, for less than $50.