too much pressure? roller touching the base

Hi - Ive been practicing printing and it seems like I can’t get it right- I’m sure there’s a thread somewhere on here that has already mentioned this issue but I cant seem to locate it.

Anyway - i’m using a c&p pilot and it seems like the roller is also inking the base of the boxcar (not just the image) - what cause this? how do I fix this?


image: photo.JPG


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seems like my image didnt go through.. testing again.

image: photo.JPG


Did you plane the form, sometimes when locking up the base can rise up a little, if that is not the case you can try taping the trucks, this will raise the rollers so they don’t hit the base. My favorite tape for this is electricians tape. Some people tape the rails but i prefer to tape the trucks. Good Luck Dick G.

hmmm I’ll have to try that (tape). thanks!!

Your rails are probably just worn down. This is consistent on most pilots I’ve seen. You can either apply even taping to either the rails or the roller trucks until the form inks but the edges and base do not. My instructor had me put tape evenly on both sides until nothing inked, and them took one off at a time until it was perfect. I was surprised by how much tape was needed!

Good luck!


You may want to start with the tape sold by NA Graphics here:

Instead of tons of masking tape, you can use this tape, then add a few layers of masking tape as needed.

thanks emily!! Didnt think of that (rails being worn).. Hmm, I’m about to order new rollers but I think I’m going to try taping the rails and give it one more try. Taping the trucks did not work - in fact, I think I made it worse.

Thanks Widmark- will check it out.

I have a Cook’s Victor, 6 x 9. I have had to tape the trucks and the rails. Depending on the old type and cuts, I have to adjust the amount on the rails, so far, anywhere from 2 to 5 layers. It ha worked perfectly. Right now I have been using a clear 3m electrical tape, works fine!

Hey Folks,

Don’t know if this string is still active or germane, but while tape has been the go-to option for a lot of folks just getting into this, the real fix when you’re over-inking is to use roller bearers. These are essentially long hunks of metal you lock up in your form and that your rollers will ride on (higher than they ride on the rails alone), thereby delivering less ink to the form and hopefully none to your base. It also eliminates the need for tape at any location—which tends to be inconsistent and absolutely wears down.

Type-high rule could be fashioned to make bearers, or you could contact the usual suspects like Dave Churchman, Don Black, etc. and see what they have.

Hope that helps.