Sigwalt CHICAGO #11 chase, rollers and trucks

Good afternoon to all,
I’m searching for a chase, rollers, trucks, and cores for a SIGWALT CHICAGO #11 3”X5”. I greatly appreciate any guidance or sources.
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Don’t know where you are located but here in MA we have Letterpress Things, he sells some parts for presses, there is Excelsior Press in New Jersey, you might try Don Black in Canada, if he don’t have it they probably didn’t make it. There is NA Graphics in Colorado, he has lots of neat stuff including trucks and cores for lots of presses, also has a supply of new rollers. All these places are in the yellow pages on this site. Good Luck Dick G.

I have a No. 11 Sigwalt…rollers and trucks from a Kelsey 3x5 work fine.