C&P Serial Numbers

how do the serial numbers work? i have a list of Serial Numbers from 1884-1964, but the two presses i have do not match any in the list. though, the form of the number fits into the list by recognition, there are no exact matches….

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Boundstaff Press, another Briarpress user, has posted some C&P literature on their website which will probably be helpful. The serial number page is at https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B52tm....

I think the numbers listed are the first made that year, it may be the last though. It might also explicitly say somewhere in the manuals how to read it, either way you will know to 2 years at worst.

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Have you gained any wisdom on the mysterious C&P serial numbers list? I can’t find mine on the list, either

Paul is right, you won’t find your exact serial number, unless your press was the first one made that year. Justin - thanks for posting the lists!


So, if I understand correctly, each press has it’s own serial number and I and locate the date of mine between two numbers - The first of that year and the first of the year after.

Yup. Were you able to find it? If your flywheel has curved spokes, it’s an Oldstyle — straight spokes are New Style. Knowing the size of the press — the maximum print size (by measuring the inside of the chase) narrows it down considerably.

By the way, in answer to your question (below), the smaller flywheel is for running the press by a belt connected to a driveshaft, run by some remote sort of engine or motor. You’d often find this in an industrial setting. Many smaller shops run a local motor-driven belt around the large flywheel on the left.

“I have a question about the C&P 8x12 Old Style. I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures and I’m wondering if it needs both the large flywheel on the left and a smaller one on the right. Some pictures have it and others don’t. I just bought one and I don’t have the smaller wheel in the right. I do have the ginormous gears on the right though. I’m wondering if I’m out of luck or not…”

image: CP 12x18 New Style.jpg

CP 12x18 New Style.jpg

@wow, this thread goes back 2years
@armchair, the smaller wheel is for a drive belt.
the big one gives the machine inertia, and should be used for braking.In the photo you supply it shows a belt guide/clutch
to energize the press,and that lever is to the bottom left under the feed board.
@GFTD no offenses but why would it matter? if it is a new style…
print on brothers/sisters best james

GFTD,top left corner of the bed is where you’ll find it.
A simple search here will yeild a plethora of info.
Well a new style is ulgy compared to an old. These press’
were made for fun, I dont see how the age of the press affects the fun, best james

Does anyone know about the C&P paper cutter numbers? I’ve got one with a serial number 1917A. It’s 19 1/2” wide at the paper feed (device if a few inches wider than that). When I looked at the posted sheet above, all the 19 1/2” models are “bench” cutters, and start with the letter B?? The 1917A is very clear and found on the long arm of the device.

djmccord the serial number is on the bed, the number on the “long arm” is more than likely a part number. best james

Thanks, I wouldn’t have known it was there for all the dust and dirt! B1603.