Anybody interested in 40” Babcock Press

Looking to scrap a shop with a 40” Babcock single revolution, hand feed press in pristine condition right down to the rubber rollers. A piece of engineering artwork! It would take a significant effort on my part to photograph, document and make the building suitable to extract the machine in one piece. It would be much easier to take out with a torch & bucket. Would anyone be interested in seeing this relic offered for sale here or on an online auction?? Also, in same shop is a dormant Meihle pony. I’ll put forth the effort if there is enough interest. Thanks for your input. Call/text roger anytime 317-502-2345

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Where are you located?

Do you have the approx. sheet size the Meihle pony will take. Weight guess. How much are you asking. and where are you. Temptiing!

Based on the phone number, he is in central Indiana. But it is possible to have that number and live anywhere.

Pictures would be good. Single revolution presses such as the Babcock
are getting exceedingly scarce and Miehle Pony’s are a very nice press for the aspiring large format letterpress printers. Yes, either press weighs a good bit (probably 6000-8000 lbs for either, but if you’re printing beyond 11 x 17 and can’t afford a Vandercook, these are not a bad idea—especially if they come with good rollers.

Hopefully you can give us an idea of where these are.

I’d be interested in knowing size, weight, and price as well.

I also would be interested in knowing more about the Babcock, particularly the location and any photos