Press Identification

I have two presses that I would like some more information about. I will attach images and if someone knows any information could you please let me know? I am specifically looking for if they are worth anything or if I should just scrap them for the metal? One is a table top and says Craftsman Machinery Co., Canada with a printing surface of 7.5 x 12 3/4 and the other one says it’s a Chandler and Price Craftsman and is very big and has a printing surface of 14 x 22. Thank you!

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Both of these presses are desirable if they are in decent condition. The Small tabletop Craftsman is just what the beginning printers are looking for, and the Big C&P if it is indeed a Craftsman press is very desirable for more advanced printers with more room.

Will have pictures shortly

Where are the presses located?

Since they are heavy, it is much easier to have a buyer who can pick them up, rather than having to ship them. This will of course depend on their location. Also for the big press, is it in a place where it would be easy to load (a walk-out, loading dock, etc).

The presses are located in Littleton, Colorado and are in a garage so getting them outside will be easy. However they will have to be lifted on to a trailer or truck. I am having trouble uploading the pictures. Will get them posted as soon as possible. Thanks

Here are the pictures

image: craftsman table top.jpg

craftsman table top.jpg

One more

image: 031411195517.jpg