Pergamena Parchment

Pergamena Parchment has peaked my interest. Real oldworld style sheep, goat or deer parchment.

I looked over their website but no mention of letterpress printing. Only indirect via references to Guttenberg and others using real parchment in books.

Has anyone on BP ever used real parchment?

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I was going to contact them after seeing them on Dirty Jobs. Seems like a really gross process.

I have issued Books from my Press (Black Letter Press), printed and bound in Parchment.

Several Books and Broadsides in the last 20 years have been issued on Parchment.

It’s pretty expensive 20.00 for a single 8x10 sheet.

Definitely not an everyday stock.

I may get some small sheets to experiment with.

How does it print? Pergamena offers a unfinished, calligraphy, or manuscript surface, which one?

Does it behave like paper?

No, it has no bite, because it is an animal skin, every piece is different and behave thus. the preparation of the skin and the ink has to be adjusted.