Letterpress Supplies in Melbourne, Australia

After months of searching, I was lucky enough when a retired printer in Geelong contacted me and passed down his 4 tabletop presses.

However, I’ve hit a bit of a road block because I have no idea where I can source letterpress paper in Melbourne, Australia (Crane’s Lettra) or who I can locally go to for plates. I would appreciate it if anyone in the know could point me in the right direction.

Thanks :)

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Not sure on the paper. Pretty sure http://www.gbcaustralia.com.au/ supply inks.

Did the retired printer happen to have a photopolymer plate maker?

How about Melbourne Etching Supply. Looks like they carry Fabriano Roma papers for printing and bookmaking. You could try calling your local printing companies and ask them if they would sell you paper and/or make your photopolymer plates. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you out even if you’re a competitor. Be professional, let them know you’re just starting out, ask questions. You’ll know right off if they’re willing to share info. There’s never any harm in asking. Best of luck!

forgot to include the link to MES
Looks like they have rollers too!


Chapel Press are the distributors for Lettra in Australia. The last price I had for them was $220 for 80 sheets at 330 x 508mm. The contact was Russell Fray, he has posted on Briar before. They also do plates.
With inks I looked at GBC but with the Australian dollar so high and since I was getting a base from Boxcar at the time, I found their ink prices (including delivery) cheaper than GBC, so that’s where I got mine.
Good luck.

I’m a noob too. Just got some Van Son rubber based ink from these guys in Perth: http://graphicarts.com.au/

Seemed like very reasonable prices and pretty speedy delivery too.

I’m waiting for some samples of Crane papers from Chapel Press at the moment. Seems like it is pretty expensive stuff though!

I’d love to know what other papers Aussies recommend.

I mainly deal with Melbourne Etching supplies for good range of paper and they are now stocking Van Son inks.
For actual spares and tools etc NAGraphics are really good and handle mail order well type I source from Dale Guild Foundry also in the US. Hope that helps

Thank you everyone for your help, sorry I didn’t reply earlier - been offline for a while.

I’m also on the hunt for a base. Does anyone have a preference for a Boxcar or Elum base? I have an 8x5 Adana which I obviously want maximum printing size from. Should I get a 4.5” x 7.5” inch base or a 3.5” x 6.5” inch base? Boxcar advised that I should get the smaller base but just wanted everyone elses thoughts on it.

Thanks again :)