Troubleshooting the National Highland

Recently purchased a beautiful cutter. From other discussions it seems a good buy considering printers are buying these for hundreds of dollars. Anyway, this had been on display for 35 years. Someone had locked it down so no one would cut themselves. I’ve oiled this and loosened everything that wasn’t holding the blade in place but it’s really really tight and I can only get the blade up about three quarters of an inch. Any suggestions? Also, I’m curious about this company. I haven’t found any information about them.
Ever heard of them?

image: MYcutter.jpg


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Check it carefully for welded parts — that’s how many such machines were disabled. What is the round light spot on the frame upright just above and to the left of the handle pivot? Could be a bolt or pin through the right-hand link. It’s going to take some detective work, but I bet if it moves at all it should be possible to free it again.


National is a good cutter, be very careful of the blade if you brush against it you could get seriously cut. I think that after 35 years of sitting it might just need some oiling, it looks like the blade is beyound the frame of the cutter on the left side which is normal when its down. Good Luck Dick G.