Ink roller on 1880 Marinoni press

The video “Antique printing press ‘Marinoni, presse Universelle, 1880’ ” must rank as my all-time favorite clip of a press move and restoration. It has been professionally edited. The background music has been adapted very well to the video, which is 4 minutes and 7 seconds long.

Here is the link:

At the 2:52 mark on the video, the craftsman is making adjustments to the end of what appears to be an ink roller. There is a band of some sort at the end of the rubber section of the roller that I haven’t seen at the ends of rollers which we order for our C&Ps, Kelsey’s and other presses. What is the purpose of that band?

Is the craftsman installing an ink blanket wrapped around a roller shaft? Or is this a case of altering a rubber roller of a certain length so that it will fit the unique dimensions of this 1880 press?

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The fellows in the video were cutting the rubber surface to the proper length and then inseting the shaft for roller support. If you take a look at the press running later, you will see how long the shafts need to be on this particular press and how they are supported.

Thank you for that information. Now it makes sense. It is a system designed for that press. Very interesting.