Where to attach Redington-style counter?

I have a C&P 10x15 new style that has a Redington-style counter (with a counting lever on the right side) currently sitting up on the fountain with a string tied around the name plate.

Is there a proper place to attach it to get it to count only on impressions and not count when the press is running with the throw-off lever engaged?

It looks like the attached counter, but a left-hand model.


image: FullImage.jpeg


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you should have on the new style an arm that goes up to the backshaft. the counter( sidearm will need to be drilled and tapped.[1/4-20 NC thread] for the “L” bracket.) mounts on the side arm, with a light chain down to a spot on this “arm/connecting link”

image: counter_chain.jpg


image: counter.jpg


I’d think the counter would be mounted on the roller arm. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen them installed on a New Series Chandler and Price.

I’m not sure I know which arm Eric is referring to… maybe the throw off connection?

Hope this helps,

The Redington counter on my C&P 10x15 attaches as shown in the images here. (The press is in the process of restoration, but the counter works just fine.) As you can see, it is attached via a bracket to the Roller Arm. This bracket also mounts a lever. The top of this lever pulls a spring, which in turn pulls the short lever on the counter itself. The bottom of this lever has small rollers which either strike or do not strike the eccentric for the throw-off. If the throw-off is in printing position (eccentric, and the whole bed assembly, forward) then the eccentric strikes the lever and counting occurs. If the throw-off is in non-printing position (eccentric, and the whole bed assembly, back a bit) then the eccentric JUST misses the lever and counting does not occur.

This style of mounting is shown at least as early as the 1906 ATF American Line Type [specimen] Book, and at least as late as the 1953 Western Newspaper Union catalog No. 53. WNU indicates that the Model D style Redington counters for platen presses were furnished with the bracket.

This style of counter has its short lever on the right side of the counter, and the whole unit with bracket mounts on the left side of the press (which is where the roller arm is). The WNU catalog also shows an “A” style Redington counter intended for cylinder presses. It too has its short arm on the right side of the counter. None would appear to be the “left handed” version you have.

Hope this helps.
David M.

image: redington-4.jpg


image: redington-3.jpg


image: redington-1.jpg


image: redington-2.jpg


If you do not get it in the right spot you will smash the arm and rollers.

Looks like I’ll just go the slip sheet route :)

Can you post a photo of your press & counter. Looking to see arms near the fly wheel. All you may need is,like ericm photo, is to drill a hole and use a light chain . Or, if it’s like David’s setup you may just have to get it the right position.
—ericm, is that a kluge ehd 3-draw foil? nice an’ clean!

why yes it is,,,, :)

That explains the broken roller arm and old braze repair on the 8x12 CP I just got. There should be a little V shaped piece that goes on top of the arm (look at an old ad for the counter), that the mounting screw bears on, otherwise, unless you drill a hole for that screw to go into, the counter can move to a spot where it will crash against the roller rocker arm= broken roller arm.

Simplest way is to get a complete unit, they are all over the net, try ebay. Scott offers some sound advice, when buying a unit be sure to get the small vee shaped “gib” block which will enable you to mount it properly and safely on your press (as this gib part is quite often lost in time). The set up Eric is showing you is used on a c&p (or kluge) when the inking system has been removed from your press which has happened to many a c&p over the years when someone has converted them to foil or die cutting use only. If you can’t fine a complete unit contact me. Bud