Impression screw needed for C&P Pilot


While trying to planarize my platen on my C&P Pilot, I discovered that the lower left impression screw had broken. I succeeded in removing the broken part from the platen, but am now in the difficult position of finding a replacement screw. Can anyone help me?

Thank you!


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Good luck, as all impression screws on C&P Pilots were not created equal. New series, old series, after-market replacements are all different. To get a set made sounds like about a $100.00. If you get one you might as well get the set, because of the set-up cost, and if one is broken, it’s likely another one may be that way now! This usually involves a set of four hardware store items to be turned down and threads added, as part of the bolt is forward thread and part of it is reverse. Also the lock nuts usually have to be milled down to fit. Good luck.

Try Dave Churchman in Indianapolis. He used to sell them. [email protected]

It is an Old Style, circa 1900, should have mentioned that. And I actually did call Dave Churchman, he didn’t have any. He referred me to another person who I have not heard back from yet, in New Jersey. I have a lead on one right now, but it could fall through. I might end up going to a machinist and having one (or 4!) made.

Thanks to you two for your responses!


Try these guys as well:
Good Luck!

Update: Found one! Thank the letterpress gods for this site. Honestly.

Hi! i recently had the same problem. Where did you end up finding one?