Cleaning Brass Rule and use of Perf. Rule

It reads, in Rules for Winning Success in the Printing Business (Inland Printer Feb, 1889), that those who have made their “pile”—you’ve all done this I’m sure—should allow those of us who haven’t yet—we will right?—to “reap knowledge from your wisdom.”

Any advice on cleaning a quarter drawer full of old—and quite dusty—brass rule?

There also happened to be some perf. rule tucked in. Any advice before I go trying to perf. things?

Thank, as always, for sharing your wisdom.

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We’ve always cleaned brass rule with a paste of salt and vinegar, with a scouring pad same as we’ve done with Ludlow mats and brass galleys. Perf rule should be .918 if you perf as you priint!

I never perf and print anymore, too many cut up rollers, i always remove my rollers when perfing. Dick G.

Actually, it is best to use lower than type high perforating rule to keep from cutting your rollers when to do a combination of perforating as you print. A thin strip of steel or perforating base is moiunted on the tympan to make up the difference in height.

I believe the rules I use are .909” high, but I have seen some advertised at .906” high as well.

I use the same .909” perf rule for perfing with the rollers removed so I don’t have to stock multiple heights and take the chance of confusing them. The perf backing also provides protection for the platen.

John Henry

So many uses for vinegar. Glad I asked about using perf. rule before I ate through some rollers. As always, everyone here proves exceptionally helpful. Thanks!