Cleaning Heidelberg Windmill Blackball

Hi from Perth in Western Australia!

I’m getting to know Heidi, my windmill (no# 50870) who i purchased from South Australia.

She’s disgusting. I love her, but this press is completely covered in dried bits of crap, dust and ink and oil everywhere. she can’t be touched without needing to scrub your hands.

So, whats the best way to get cleaning? What chemicals to use?

Are rags ok, or is a brush or newspaper better?

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She’s a printing press, it is supposed to have disgusting crud all over it, sounds like i owned it at one time, don’t use newspaper, it will fall apart and get everywhere, i use gasoline, mineral spirits works well, strong cleaner could hurt the finish on the press. rags are good to use, always wear gloves when using cleaning solvents. Sometimes i use a tooth brush. Good Luck Dick G.

WD40 works well, and a Floor Scrubbing pad. Pronto Blanket Wash, just don’t use Glaze remover. Its too strong, even though it would work very well and the paint would be weakened. You won’t get it to look shiney new, but at least you won’t get dirty from touching it.
I was lucky my 73 Red Ball was cherry. Use the right oil for lubrication to.

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Thank you!

Will get onto the WD40 and rags + toothbrush to start..

She is supposed to be a little dirty, but right now…Maybe i should take a picture.. she probabaly hasn’t been used in a year.. There’s oil spilled everywhere from being moved :/

Hopefully her missing parts will arrive next week! Then she’ll be back in action.

As gasoline tends to wash grease and oil out of the bearings we prefer to use petroleum. Together with cotton rags and different sizes and types of brushes, Heidi will be glamorous again. Do the oil job very good afterwards.

Most of the gunk of Heidi is unfortunately spray mixed with paper dust - over the past twenty years of probably never being cleaned. The gunk in some places is quite bad :(

Im trying a few different things - degreaser around the base, WD40 on the moving parts..

Any advice on that would be helpful

image: Perth-20110424-00874.jpg


image: Perth-20110424-00873.jpg


I need some knowledge about its maintenance

I need some knowledge about its maintenance

I need some knowledge about its maintenance

A lot of the crap in the picture you put up will come off with good old soap and boiling water ,its anti set off powder that is . What wont come of will need the stronger stuff and elbow grease!! All the male nipples in yellow and red are lubricated with oil , in full production (24/7) the yellow ones you do at least every fortnight the red ones you try to do every couple of days , any thing green is grease and every six months is ok but more often never hurt , you must remember to do the expanding pulley on the motor , if you dont you will eat drive belts like a kid with sweets and they cost mega bucks . The oil point require you use the special viscous oil gun ,it is recognisable in two ways one is that is has a screwtop and when you look inside where you fill it it has a plug on a chain and the legend will read” fill with viscous oil only” , but it looks like a grease gun .
Oh and be grateful of it being centrally oiled as my last one was totally lubricated with a can ,you normally done the job while oiling it and often the run was done before i was .!

Another thing in the top photo you can see a universal joint you cannot oil that part often enough , if it gets tight it really is a nightmare as the components within the lower casing are a sod to work on so oil it often as you look at it !
The screw top on the oil gun is covering the tip not the fill end .

Would you put up a pic of the end of your ink roller arms the roller end !

Would you put up a pic of the end of your ink roller arms the roller end !

Would you put up a pic of the end of your ink roller arms the roller end !