dating an Arab press

Hello all,
Can anyone out there help me date an Arab Folio Foolscap sized press with the serial number 3491? Is there a list of numbers and dates, like with the C&P presses, for the Arab models?
The press is in its original colour. Unfortunately many of the parts had been disassembled and I am finding out what incredibly precise engineering these presses have. Its impossible to fit the shafts into the holes or bearings unless even the minutest dusting of rust is removed!

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Have you tried calling it and asking it out?

It just seems like some of this would be a little more possible if you got to know if first.

Okay, I’m sorry for the humor. I don’t really have a way to help you or any info for you, I’m just trying to make light of the situation.

I was having a hard time not posting the same thing, i can’t imagine anyone dating a press when there are so many beautiful ludlows out there. Dick G.

I resisted the same, but I’m glad someone else posted it.

Have you tried the guys in Reading (UK)?
This is the link:

I couldn’t resist it, here goes: “How can you even think of dating an arab folio foolscap, when everyone knows that there’s nothing quite like a warm Ludlow!”

3491. I guess its a Foolscap Folio. 13 x 9. 3506 was made in 1911 3388 in 1908 so I would guesstimate 1910-11. Has it got open curved spokes on the flywheel? Was amongst the first to have a platen guard. I have seen earlier presses with this retro-fitted. Have lots more info on Arab if you need including original handbooks. Best Wishes, Jeremy

Thanks to all responders,
I’ll have you know there is nothing more beautiful than a meaningful relationship with an Arab Platen!
Don’t know about a Ludlow but I do get a warm and fuzzy feeling from my Intertype and Monotype.

The press has the curved, open spokes, but no platen guard. I think there may be an option to fit one as there are a couple of unaccounted-for brackets on the left side of the front platen - maybe the guard bolts on there? Its also missing the Arab ink fountain (although it has the cam bracket for one). I am going to be fitting another type of fountain that has come off a friends Arab.