Elrod: scrap or keep?

I have an Elrod strip caster that I may be scrapping soon. I’ve cast enough leads, slugs, and rule to last me an eternity and was wondering if it might be a mistake to retire this machine. Can anyone tell me if there is a market for strip material?
Thanks for your input.

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I think it would be a mistake to scrap it. Surely you could find someone who could take it off your hands and continue using it. One less Elrod in the world would mean one less potential source of strip material.
What would happen if everybody scrapped them?
I would gladly take it off your hands if you were anywhere near Michigan.
I’ve been wanting one for a while now, and they are getting rarer and rarer.
I believe there is still a market for strip material, albeit a small exclusive one.


Please do not scrap the Elrod. If I recall correctly, a few years ago NA Grapics was having a hard time finding someone to supply them with strip material. There is definitely a market, even if it is small. If you find a buyer you could make a couple of bucks off of it. IMHO, it would even be better to keep it in storage until you find a new owner.


Please never scrap any letterpress equipment. In this world there are many people looking for the items people do not want.

I haven’t seen an Elrod run since the mid-70’s when I worked in a trading typesetting house. I do remember these machines can put out the strip material in a short period of time.

Also, there is a market for the strip material. If you have a composing room saw that you can cut the material to size, people will buy it.

In what city and state is the Elrod?

I recently purchased one, planning for a second one. Planning to supply spacing material soon.

I agree never scrap anything letterpress. I am looking for a steady source of Linotype lead. But everyone wants a mint for it. I buy all the Ludlow Matrix I can find, just to sit on it.