Does anyone know where to buy French Paper in Austin?

Does anyone know of a store in or near Austin, TX. that sells French Paper?

I could order online I know, but I will not receive it in time.


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Neilf, try OK Paper in Austin. I buy all my French Paper from French on their website and it’s delivered fast.

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OK Paper may have smaller sizes, but I’ve never had good luck getting small quantities from them (less than 250-1000 sheets). They’ve almost always suggested ordering a case. Fasclampitt (the retail side of Clampitt Paper) carries some and will sell by the sheet, but you’ll quickly discover that the shades carried by either are somewhat restrictive. I too order direct from French.

We always order it directly from French. I think most everything comes in four sizes, you always have access to every weight and every color, and you can buy matching envelopes most of the time.

I wish every paper company worked this way.