Clarendon Heavy Condensed

Anyone out there by any chance have this typeface in wood?

I lack the ‘5’.

If you have it could you scan either a proof or just the wood type itself and email it to me.

I want to make my own set of wood type of this. There is nothing even close to this heavy and condensed in any digital font I can find. The sample I took the specimens from is 30 line. I used to love printing with it and would like to be able to continue to use it.

I tried looking in the Rob Roy Kelly Collection, Art of Woodtype.

Most everything I can find has really tall serifs.

image: clarendon-heavy-condensed.gif


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Find a 5 in a catalog, scan it and send off to Owosso for a copper cut?

As I said, I want to make a typeface in wood.

Also as I said, I’ve tried looking for it.

Even if I found the typeface in a specimen book it is quite unlikely that they would show the ‘5’ as they almost never (if ever) showed the whole typeface.

Having said that, if someone out there does have this, I’d also love the ‘!’ and ‘?’.

Hope the attached is of some use.
It is Clarendon bold condensed with the addition of a 7pt outline, as I couldn’t find the actual font

image: CXC.png


I have a few sets of this but no 5 either. If you find it and want to sell another set, I’ll buy one!

Hi guys,

I think I have found it. Bern’s sample isn’t quite right. Check his 9 against the sample 6. I have the recently reprinted Hamiltons Specimens of Wood Type Fonts, Seventeenth Edition, that is offered by John Horn.

On page 64 are specimens of design No. 10, which is a dead-ringer for the Clarendon Heavy Condensed and luckily for you the only two figures shown are 1 and your elusive 5.


Is this what you’re looking for? It looks like it to me.
It is a 12 line font.

ebay auction:

Wow. As best I can tell it is either it or really, really close.

Thanks for that piece of detective work.