Windmill Speed Crank Broken

My dirty old Heidi - whose new motor and WFD finally arrived yesterday- was sold to me with a superglued-speed crank, that had previously been snapped and i was none the wiser until today when turning it up to the full speed position so as to replace the v-belt (and on that note, is there a recommended tension for the v-belt, my manual tells me nada).

Any suggestions where i might be able to source a part no: HEI-T1124 Pile Crank for a Heidelberg Windmill Blackball?

Thank you!


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Kathy, i break my handle every couple of years trying to move something past my press, just knock out the pin and take both parts to a welding shop, even without the handle you can still adjust the speed control, one of my windmills doesn’t have the handle. I almost always run my windmills on the slowest speed, i find this handle is not that important, a new handle will cost a lot more than fixing the broken one. Good Luck Dick G.

hi Kathy. This is a rather common thing from what I hear. Mine was broken during transport by a careless mover. It was replaced for me, but I think that Dick’s suggestion is a good one. The only real problem is a cosmetic one (if you do get it welded). If you are set on having it replaced you can contact Heidelberg directly, or Demers Inc., though I don’t even want to know what they’d charge for it…

How do you adjust the speed without the crank though?

I found one for sale from a printers-parts-supplier: 175$

Call Mike at Demer’s. I think he has them for about $120.


i checked my press today, just the handle is broke off so i can just turn it , but there isn’t anything for you to get hold of on yours. Just remove the pin and take it to get welded, if they do a good job you won’t even see the weld, its lots cheaper than a new one. If you really want one that is not welded i’ll sell you my spare one, if i put it on my press i’ll probably just break it anyway, how about $75.00 plus shipping. Dick G.

Thank you so much Dick - i may go with your original suggestion for now actually - as the bottom half is still on the machine i can still turn it. Will let you know!

Kathy, i’ve had my windmill for 25 years, i usually run the press as slow as it can run, very seldom do i adjust the speed, maybe once a month, so the handle is not too important, save your money to buy the million other things you will soon find out you need or want to go with your new press. Dick G.

Well, ours broke about 33 years ago when it was being moved. We found that an allen wrench will fit the hole and have been using one ever since. Until today, when we moved it and that one broke. Off to buy another allen wrench. I think that because it extends out from front of the machine it is in the right place to be struck by a forklift or what ever. Try the allen wrench, it works. When we replace the allen wrench we will send you a photo.