Replacing rollers on Black Ball Windmill


I’ve had the sparky, tree lopper and ex-print shop owner all around in the last week getting Heidi (#50870) finally in complete working order.

My roller arrived some time ago from NA Graphics, however, my press does not have the device on some of the newer machines, which compresses the bearings.

Any ideas how i can get the rollers into their holes from here?

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Most heidleburgs i’ve seen have the bearing press built into the press, check your manual, it should explain how to use it. Dick G.

stand the roller on it’s end locate the bearing on the end of the core,place a block of wood on the bearing and tap it on with a hammer

I only have the manual from Box Car Press- which i believe must have actually come out with the Red Ball Windmill.

On further investigation, it seems possible that black balls do not have the bearings on the end of the roller - only red balls have this, and the newer presses.

And therefore - i have the wrong roller set up all together.

Does that sounds right?

Black Ball / Red Ball - means nothing

Look at the Roller arms, if they have recessed cups inside towards the chase, they take bearings.

If not, you press is really old and doesn’t if in doubt, post a picture and ask a question and don’t assume

I have a #53xxx which takes bearings, but has no press for them. I think the year mine was built was one of the earliest with bearings, so you may not need them.

Yeh.. From the research, and from Fritz at NA graphics - i may have a machine that wasn’t born when bearings were all the rage on rollers.

Ive attached some pics. I hope that the bearings will be easy to remove from the rollers.

image: roller1.jpg


image: roller.jpg