heat plate / chase installing

Does anyone have any “back friendly” advice on taking out and putting in the heat plate/chase for foil staming on our Heidelberg GTP? Approacing it from the front or side? We’ve removed the left side table and can get closer but the 50 lbs+ of the heat plate and a twist….maybe better from the front and dropping it in? Any suggestings or prevention tips for back injurys?

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There was a post thread here about someone who installed ceiling tracks that ran from press to imposing surface, and they could lock the chase into a device for easier handling. Engine hoists have also been mentioned I believe…

Have you ever seen the Zero G? It can zero out the weight of a heavy tool or object. The ones on the site are only rated to 36 lbs, but I know they make stronger ones for the Ford factory.

This is engineered by Garrett Brown, the inventor of the Steadicam. It’s bound to be expensive, but it’s a rather impressive tool for taking strain off of the bodies of factory workers and machine operators.

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