Locating missing fraktur letters

We are working to make woodtype replacements for missing letters in a friend’s fraktur typeface.

The type is 14 line.

We are missing the A B D F K M.

The C & L were taken from a larger version of what seemed to be the same face, but the C and E don’t overlay the same and it seems like maybe they should.

Can anyone name it?

Anyone out there possibly have the EXACT same wood type?

Anyone have anything close?

Anyone have any other suggestions for how to get the images of those missing characters?

image: fraktur-specimen-sheet-v1.gif


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The C appears to be a pantographically condensed version made from the same patterns. I wonder what the L would look like if widened by the same percentage.

Here is an image where I took your C and layed it over the E and changed the horizonal metrics to match. The image file you’ve provided is rather pixelated, but they seem to relate very well.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: cec.jpg


Hamilton’s style No.615 in their 1906/1907 catalog looks very similar. I also have a printed piece hanging in my shop that was done by John Horn that also shows a similar design. It appears that John’s font might be 12-line.


Look on the Rob Roy Kelly Wood type collection at the University of Texas website. They show the complete font, which is called “German” in the blackletter section.

Good luck with the replacements.

I believe that the Kelly collection example of “German” should work for you. You should contact David Shields to see if he can provide repros. John Horn may also have the face that you are looking for. As Rick stated, it appears to be the same as Hamilton’s No. 615.
Dave Greer