Market Price for Poco Press?

I am interested in purchasing a Poco Press and have found this one for sale with some extras. I have little or no experience with the going rate for a press of this brand and condition. Seller is asking $2000.

Here is the link to some images:

Any assistance would be helpful.

Thank You,

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Hi Prodigerati,

I think your Poco is a Poco #0, which I believe is the smallest of the three models (#0, #1 and #2).

Here are some sample prices that have appeared through Briar Press recently:

- Poco #2 was advertised for $650 last year through Briar Press.

- Perennial Designs (John Falstrom) had a beautifully restored Poco #0 that was advertised for $1195. It was also advertised on Briar Press. See:

Hope this helps.

I bought a Poco last year, and it’s a great press (minus the hand inking, needing to make a metal plate so it is type-high and needing to make a tympan/frisket so registration is possible).

It’s worth whatever you would pay for it, but I wouldn’t pay $2,000. Now- if some of the type is amazing and possibly wood- maybe.

Thank you for the information. It has helped tremendously!