dick blick signpress user’s manual

I have recently been given a dick blick signpress. I believe it is a poster machine with a magnetic base. I would like to put it to good use but have no idea on how to work it. Are there any links to where I could obtain a user’s manual?

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Hi! Doesn’t look like you got a reply on this, I have two of these presses also. They are a bit like proofing presses, and were made and used so places like Sear’s could print their own signs. I haven’t found an owner’s manual yet, but it’s pretty simple to work.

I believe that Dick Blick bought out Signpress. Here is a link to an early Signpress manual.
I hope it is of use.

Thank you SO much, there is very little I’ve found out there, this will be of help! Thanks again!

Have looked all over the web for information as well and I feel as if I hit the jackpot! I found an extremely well kept Signpress machine with four of the five drawers complete at a flea market. I just wanted to dip my foot in the water with letterpress.

Amy Lou

I’m glad this is useful. Information is best shared.

I’m glad this is useful. Information is best shared.

Sign presses of this design were very common in pre-coputer and pre-copier days, and were made under several names: Line-O-Scribe, Morgan, Showcard, etc. Sizes were from @ 8x12 to a huge, heavy 14x44. Type, both wood and metal (.918) was notched so it could be set on steel bars that ran on the bed across or around the cylinder. Others were magnetic, with some fitted with wax grid sheets on the bed of the press to hold the type. Inked with a brayer, higher priced models were equipped with what I believe were ink discs and rollers from a comparable size of C&P presses for self inking.
A demonstration of the Morgan is shown on You-Tube.