Which presses commonly available in Europe?

Can anyone give me information on which kinds of presses are most readily available (if you can call it that) in Europe? I’m in Germany and don’t yet read nearly enough German to research this properly online. I have a tabletop but need a larger press as well. I’d love to find a Heidelberg (I assume they’re not too hard to get here) but I’m also interested to know what other names to search for. Any advice much appreciated!

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Hogenforst, Victoria, Merkur, Heidelberg, Mercedes are just a few names of presses built in Germany. Maybe a visit to a museum, either Darmstadt, Leipzig, Hamburg or Berlin could give you an idea what to look for. And don’t forget the copies of Heidelberg, that were built in former East-Germany. Proof presses: FAG, Korrex and Eickhoff, to name another few brands.

Thanks so much Thomas! This is great information. Looking forward to the Paris trip too :)