Buyers, Beware of Fradulent Sellers/Scams!

In February of 2011, I purchased from a Briar Press ad, a C&P Pilot “complete with everything you need to start letterpressing, including two extra rollers, Crane Lettra paper, extra magnesium plates, extra polymer plates, furniture, ink, gauge pins, tympan paper, red board, etc.” AZWildcats7, the Seller, waited approx. 1 month to ship the $2800 press and its accessories to me, & the press came uncrated without : the two advertized extra rollers, the Crane Lettra paper, with one used (customized/unusuable) wedding polymer plate, two gauge pins, two pieces of “real” furniture along with five pieces of homemade (unusable) plywood furniture, a couple of pieces of ripped red board, and one small Solo condiment cup of ink, approx. 3/4 of a tablespoon. AZWildcats7 was PayPal verified so I thought I was protected, which I found not to be the case. First I filed a dispute, which quickly escalated into a claim: $640 for missing materials, with back up support docs. AZWildcats7 first offered a $100 reimbursement, which I rejected, and ended up not paying me $1 toward my $640 claim; he, in effect, “walked” free with no penalty after false advertising.
Buyers beware! Insist on detailed and specific pictures of the press, the number(s) and types of all included plates, sizes and condition (new/used) of rollers, amount and colors of included inks, number(s), size(s), and material of furniture pieces “PayPal Verified” does not automatically make a seller legitimate. Do your homework and insist on a detailed inventory list. Request references from previous buyers.

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Thank You for the heads up