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A number of us who enjoy this forum and your work would be happy to assist you any way we know how, or could be taught.

Other practitioners of the Black Art
My spam trap has caught 18 spam messages today. A very high count. Coincidence perhaps. I have not attempted to get in to see from whom they came.


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If Elizabeth is away from a computer/admin capability, we may be stuck with this numbskull until she gets back and tosses him off/deletes his junk.

At some point, it might behoove the managers of the site to find mechanisms for greater board moderation (ie: more moderators). Not sure if the software can provide that capability or not.


The software might be the problem. These Web II set ups are designed to bring folks in, once they are in, it might be more difficult than easy to control them. Ebay used to have a motto, “first of all, we believe people are good.” A couple of million rules and penalties later, they don’t advertise that any more.


I see among the “new names for presses” Semple. Andy Semple managed the training of apprentices in Queensland when I did my apprenticeship. Alan.

Also name IPSUM which is a very useful item; text was once published at request of Dick Smith, one of our Aust jokers, who became very rich by being different. He once brought a barge covered with white canvas (burlap) into Sydney Harbour, claimed it was an iceberg to supplement our water supplies during drought. He flew a helicopter solo around the world in stages over several months. — Alan.

That IPSUM was used as the published wording of an advertisement. — Alan.