Broken measure gauge

Sometimes I feel like I’m moving two steps forward one step back. Pictured is my guillotine cutter measure gauge which snapped yesterday. Anyone have an idea where to get one made? My cutter is a National Highland (from Boston). I’ve never found any information about them.

image: National Highland .jpg

National Highland .jpg

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I wonder if you could use the metal tape from a tape measure? You could buy a tape measure and take it apart, or I think they actually sell replacement tapes (or used to). Be careful though, tape measures are spring loaded. Also, even just the tapes will spring to a straight line from their wound up state, if they are let go. Don’t handle them unless you know you can handle them safely. You don’t want to take another step back :)

Tape measure tapes are curved across the width of the tape, but they straighten out when wound up, so I don’t think this would be a problem on your cutter.

Just an idea……..

I have a challenge cutter that was in a bad fire, i bought a replacement tape for a carpenters tape and it works fine, they come in different lengths and widths so bring a piece of yours or measure yours and try to come close to it. Dick G.

Wow, could it be that easy? Thank you both.

You can try contacting Colter Peterson. They are a company in NJ that rebuilds cutters. Phone # is 973-684-0901