Inkdrum Train noise (windmill)

The Press is oiling perfectly, a retired Heidelberg Tech said that some Presses make the noise in the Ink Drum Train.

What is your experience ?

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Every time i oil the press my ink drum sounds like there is a bear in there, after a few hours of running it goes away, the man i bought my shop from bought the press new in 1966 and said he had heidleburg out several times over the noise and they couldn’t find anything wrong. Sometimes it sounds like a gear is going to come apart, but the press keeps running. Dick G.

Could it be caused by the play between the drum and part the causes drum to oscillate? Ron

If Heidleburg repairmen couldn’t find it i’m sure i can’t, i run this press about4 days a week since the mid 1980’s, it has always done this, Dick G.

It is gear backlash from not oiling the drum and drive gears manually over the years. If the noise is real bad, remove the 4 bolts that hold the inker to the base of the press. There are shims at each corner. Take them out and tighten the bolts. This may quiet the gears. You are meshing the gears tighter which may ease the noise.

I know this post is a few years old, so many answers living on this forum. My windmill has this noise. I think it is exactly what linegauge is saying. When I apply slight pressure on the wash up blade the noise goes away.

I see the two bolts at the back ( assuming they are the larger ones in the corners bolted from the bottom up ). I can not see the two at the front.

What do I need to remove if anything to find these?