Poco Proof Press Hand Crank

I think my Poco is a Model 0, 12x18 bed…

I want to remove the hand crank for shipping, but can’t tell if it’s secured to the shaft with a pin or a bolt with a sheared-off head. The metal is protruding out of the crank about 1/8 inch on one side and is recessed about the same amount on the other side; and can’t be budged.


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On my Poco #0 the pin is very slightly recessed on one side and extends out very slightly (maybe as much as 1/32 inch) on the other side, where it is swaged over and looks like it could be smaller in diameter, before being swaged, than the other side. Mine’s kind of rusty and I suspect I would have to grind off the swaged end and soak it for quite a while with PB Blaster before trying to drive the pin out. If it’s a tapered pin it should come out easily once you get it moving, but if it’s a straight pin, good luck!


On the Pocos, the pin holding the crank shaft is originally a taper pin. If someone before you re-inserted it incorrectly, it might seem different, but it is designed to accommodate a taper pin. I second Bob’s prescription: trim off any mangled end with a hack saw, and marinate with PB Blaster; it will eventually give.

If you trim the exposed ends of the pin flush with the handle (I would use a file so as to minimize damage to the handle itself) you should be able to tell by comparing the two ends of the pin whether it is tapered. Of course if it is you want to drive it out by using a smaller-diameter pin punch on the smaller end, after an extensive period of soaking with PB Blaster.


Thanks, I’ll let it soak for a couple of days and have another go at it.