Roller issue on my Craftsmen press

I tried installing my new rollers on my press for the first time last night. One roller installs onto my roller holder just fine and the trucks glide up and down along the rails just fine. The 2nd roller, however, seems to be off. I realized that the trucks don’t seem to be able to move to their proper inner-most distance due to one of the little pegs on the roller pin preventing the truck from positioning any closer to the roller. Is there a special tool that I need to move this pin? It doesnt look like any type of format (i.e. screwdriver, allen wrench, etc) but it does seem as though if I could just make it flush with the roller pin, then I’d be able to push the truck to where it needs to be. Any thoughts? I purchased my rollers directly from Craftsmen, so I doubt it’s due to incorrect size of the rollers.

image: left.jpg


image: right.jpg


image: closeup.jpg


image: both.jpg


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After spending way too much time considering a solution, I discovered that the pins that stop the trucks were not pushed into the core enough to allow the truck to be in proper position. So I used a plumbers wrench to push (crimp) the pins further in. This fixed it!