uneven inking on Adana

Hi i have recently run into some inking issues on the adana,
certain parts of the plate are not printing onto the paper.
The ink is getting onto the plates, but somehow it doesnt transfer onto the paper.
I have tried playing with the impression screws at the back, but i think i have messed it all up now!
Please have a look at the image and do let me know what you think. These cats were printed all at once, plates put side by side.

image: Photo on 2011-05-21 at 23.51.jpg

Photo on 2011-05-21 at 23.51.jpg

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Do research into platen adjustment and proper makeready. This has been covered many times on this site and others, there is no reason to ask anyone to repeat it. Use the search function, but some books.

That looks like a pretty big solid for a small press. you need to reset your platen and start over. You might have to double ink the form or add more ink, or print it twice to get enough ink. You are asking a lot of your press. Dick G.