Sticking roller arm on Adana HS2

Hello everyone,

You’ll have to forgive me if I use the wrong terminology as I’m new to letterpress. I bought a refurbished HS2 on ebay a few months ago. I’ve started setting up the press but ran into a problem today.

One of the ‘roller arms’ is very stiff and does want to move very much. The spring appears to be ok so I think the problem may to be do with the ‘arm’ getting stuck in the shaft - it does not move up or down easily. This results in the roller sitting slightly diagonally when bought up towards the ink plate. I’ve attached photos of the problem areas.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

Many thanks.

image: hs2_1.jpg


image: hs2_2.jpg


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First thing to try is oil, oil oil, see if it will free up, it looks pretty dry to me. Dick G.

Many thanks Dick. I will give that a go and report back!

Can you recommend a particular type or brand of oil?

I try to use a 30 wt. non-detergent oil, in a pinch i use regular 30 wt. motor oil. Dick G.