Miehle V-50x

I have a Miehle V-50x that I use for die cutting and perforating.
I am having difficulty with it all of a sudden, it feeds the stock (10Pt cover) just fine but only wants to “grab” with the grippers at slow speeds when I go a little faster the sheets are not “gripped”. I tride adjusting the die jacket down to make sure it was below the grippers, didn’t help. I do not have a slower pully to install or I wiould just do that and get the job done slower. All help is appreciated. Thank you-

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Give a try cleaning up the whole press with an air hose then oil, oil, oil!!!

The only part i have left from my miehle is the smallest (i think) pulley, any interest. Dick G.

My thoughts are that it might have something to do with the vacuum, maybe the hoses are rotten under the grippers or possibly the vanes in the pump are shot. I will be looking at it and oiling. I will keep you posted how it goes.

Dickg - what is the diameter of the shaft and overall diameter of pulley, also what is your price, send me an mail.

I had a pulley that was on my miehle that someone had ground down, it was a little smaller than the smallest pulley for the press. Dick G.

Is the trip functioning? If press is tripping off, check that the air holes on the feeder board are clean. They are part of the trip system. Also check the tail slider adjustment isn’t too tight. It will cause the sheet to bow and not properly seal air holes on board. Also air holes in gripper bar must be clean or trip won’t function properly. In the underside of the gripper bar are cork washers that seal the air holes in the gripper bar. Make sure they are clean and properly seated.
If the sheets are pulling out of the grippers, adjust the grippers to the flat area which allows more gripper bite.
Hope this helps.

Mikedprinter, I did all mentioned. The only way I could get the job finished is to tape over the air holes next to the grippers. This allowed the sheets to run just fine, except the counter would click over if a sheet did not feed, not a big problem for this job. Now my next job is 24# bond and I still get the same problem. Stock feeds fine, grippers grab, job perfs great, delivery is perfect. UNTIL I try to run a little faster and then the sheets are not gripped to roll the cylinder. I am thinking it is the diaphram that governs the trip function. Is this something servicable by me or will I need a service tech?
Thank you-

I had a similar problem with my V50. I discovered that the feedboard had some play in it and if i wedged a copper spacer so that it caused the feedboard to tip down towards the gripper it stopped the stock from lifting off of the air holes and would then feed correctly. I am not sure if this would apply to the 50x as i am not very familiar with how the feedboard attaches. But it may be worth a try.


You may have a leak in an air hose or somewhere along the line. Check the area on the press frame where the feeder board locks into. My V-50 has a fiber/cork washers to seal the air from the frame area to the feeder board.
What condition are your air hoses in? I’ve replaced most of mine by using hosing from an auto parts store.

I have had this problem before. Thick stock such as 100# would run fine but thinner stock fell out of the grippers. I eventually realized that the operator side cylinder sheet guide (long metal guide curving upward and attached to shaft at below cylinder) that keeps the sheet from smacking against the roller journals was actuating the gripper release cam. Thick stock was heavy enough to hold but the sheet guide would nudge the cam enough to drop thin stock. This is something work checking… the remedy is simple. Just move the sheet guide out of the gripper cams path.