Kluge 10X15 Can you help with age, and self inker attachment

I had just purchased a Brandtjen & Kluge 10X15 by another member, which went extremely well, thank you Dave. The Kluge has a serial number of M101185. I am wondering about when it was made, and if manuals are still available out there for it. It also has a self inker on it that I don’t know how to use, so any help in that department would be a great help. Thank you in advance.

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I have a 12x18 manual, don’t know if they are the same for 10x15, somewhere on this site is manuals for all kinds of things. When trying to order parts from Kluge i had to give them my serial no. i asked if they could date my press which they did for me. Dick G.

Thanks Dick, I will give them a try.

where are you? are you talking about the ink fountain? IE “self inker”