Type Case Identification Help

I have a type case that is approx 25 in X 28 in. Its sides are slanted and there are 7 (across) x 14 (deep) compartments. The horizontal dividers are each covered with a thin metal (?brass) strip and the back row of compartments have removeable metal (?brass) dividers. There is no manufacturer’s identification anywhere on the case. 2 jpegs attached Would anyone be able to identify it for me?

image: DSC_0008.JPG


image: DSC_0009.JPG


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Looks like a Ludlow case to me, but I’ve never even seen one in real life.

Modernman is exactly right, its a ludlow case. Dick G.

Thanks for the assistance. I used “Ludlow” as a search term and learned quite a bit. There are several You Tube videos that show the Ludlow process in action … just enter Ludlow and You Tube in search engine and they will surely turn up.

I see a ludlow in action every day, that’s how i set my type. Dick G.

I’ve got three Ludlow cases which I ended up with when I bought a load of stuff off an old printer. They are lovely but don’t fit anywhere!