Paper for letterpress and inkjet

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good paper that can work for both letterpress and through an inkjet printer? Thank you!

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I have used most of the French Paper Co. line with both methods and it has worked great for me.


Hello jeanstewartcarey,

I have used Epson Velvet Fine Art paper and Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300, both with very good results. The next one I want to try is Somerset Velvet for Epson.


There are a couple of papers from Red River Papers that are affordable double sided inkjet paper that would also work on letterpress. Most inkjet papers are only 1 sided papers. This makes books and other 2 sided projects possible.

I don’t see any problem with printing on these papers with letterpress after they are run through the inkjet printer.

Here is a link to the 2 sided papers

I’d think you’d want to use a paper specifically coated for inkjet printing, so minimize bleeding and maximizing black and color gamut. Here are some cotton papers you might like:

- Somerset Enhanced Velvet is a coated version of Somerset Velvet 255gsm, 330gsm or 505gsm
- Somerset Museum Rag is a coated version of Somerset Satin 300gsm
- Moab Entrada is a cotton inkjet paper in two shades and two weights (190 and 300gsm). It also comes in scored cards.
- Museo also has some beautiful cotton papers (Textured Rag 325gsm, Portfolio Rag and scored Artist Cards)

Entrada is the only one that is coated on both sides.