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Hi everyone! my friend and I are trying to create a letterpress community in Singapore. We’re both loving it and we want to introduce this to our small city nation. It’s fairly unknown here.. yet~ but it’s looking to gain some fair bit of interest, and we hope that the community here in Briar Press can give us some advice on starting up our own studio, collaborations etc.

We also hope that some of you will be able to contribute images or videos that can support or promote your business and letterpress printing in general on our facebook page , Perched On A Tree Letterpress.

Our initiative is print for the community!

Thanks folks!

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I am sure the Briar Press community will be happy to help. Good luck with everything you are doing over there!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I think this is a great idea. There is a lot of printing history and tradition in South East Asia that needs reviving.

In terms of actionable suggestions, I would recommend that you & your friends work towards establishing a common working-space/workshop, where people can rent equipment by the hour. Correct me but my understanding is that most folks in Singapore live in apartments. So having a large press in an apartment may be inconvenient. A common workshop may be a solution.

Perhaps you could look at “The Arm” in Brooklyn, NY, as your model. Daniel Morris can give you more pointers, and perhaps more photos of the location.

Hope this helps.


I’m interested in letterpress printing but I don’t know where to start. May I come over to try out printing? I promise I will listen and not make a mess =)

Do let me know if it can be arranged, or not.
Thank you!

i ‘m new in town! i just moved to singapore from New York, and i ‘m really interested in getting involved or be part of the letterpress community in SG. I had taken classes here and there in ny, and i ‘m looking into purchasing my own letterpress in the new future. I would like to get more info about the letterpress scene in singapore. let me know how i can participate.



Dear Joyce,

sorry for the late reply, I never received notifications on my post about these comments! Just happened to pop by again and saw that you made a posting last year!

Hope it’s not toooo late.

Thanks for your interest in being a part of the print community here! We are currently still hobby printers with a semi start up which we are slowly building =) Do take a look at our page on facebook

How’s your search on getting a press? Maybe we can meet up for coffee or brunch and share with you our experience getting started here and other press ideas.

You can drop me an email [email protected]

Hear from you soon, cheers!
POAT Singapore.