Thank you note for Alan Runfeldt from Excelsior Press

Just want to thank Alan Runfeldt of Excelsior Press for his assistance with my previous printing project of a wedding suite, with a three-color image. I am new to letterpress and his tutoring and troubleshooting was incredibly resourceful and with a BIG heart. I am incredibly thankful for his help! He also has a website on Excelsior Press with additional resources, presses, equipment, and classes. I am confident that he works with a great heart and passion for letterpress, and am confident that he does so with anyone that he works with.
Thanks again Alan.

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I’ve met Alan a few times now and enjoy him very much. He’s a very cool letterpress Yoda, for sure.

Alan’s a good fella. I’d like to see more of him here on the Briar Press forums. He has a lot to offer this community.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Now that he is a movie star i’m afraid he will have less time to post on this site, he has not only collected a large amount of letterpress equipment over the years but he also has sooooo much knowledge about this trade, maybe we should get him to write a book so this stuff will be around long after he is gone. I never met Alan but call him often to make sure he’s behaving himself, every time we talk i learn something new, he is one of my favorite people to call, Dick G.

Alan sold me my first press and also provided amazing instructions to get started. He is a great guy!

- Mike

Mike, Alan also sold Ben Franklin his first press. Dick G.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Runfeldt yesterday in Silver Spring Maryland at the American Film Institute screening of the new documentary short in which he is featured, “Kiss the Paper.” I recommend the film to everyone here: a lovely portrait of a skilled practitioner of what was once a trade who is now helping others learn the same skills, but as applied to a craft, in his incredible barn/workshop/museum. The cool thing is that Alan was set up in the lobby of the theatre with a tabletop Golding doing printing demos on the spot (business cards) and talking shop with anyone interested. I spent a good 45 minutes with him later in the evening, and found it time very well spent. What a fabulous resource, and what a nice guy! If you don’t know about his Excelsior Press website, you should check it out. I’d like to say thanks very much to Mr Runfeldt for the time he spent with me and for just being there!