Help In identifying this Press. Thank you

I had purchased a reconditioned this Adana about six months ago. Everything on it appears to be the exact same thing as on the Adana 5 X 3 except that it does not have the word
“Adana” on the side that my 5X8 has. I cannot find any other table top that looks like this one other than Adana. Thank you for your assistance. I cannot seem to post a picture to this post for whatever reason, let is suffice that down to the lay guage and handle, everything looks identical but without the name on it.

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Sorry my last post did not show any pics.

Addition to dbrodhagen post, here are some pictures of the press.

Please contribute towards what you know about this particular Adana 5x3 with turquoise paint and no identifying brand and model mark.

I suspect it’s an older vintage than the ubiquitous red colored presses with embossed brand and model logos?

image: IMG_0158.jpg


image: IMG_0160.jpg


image: IMG_0164.jpg


image: IMG_0162.jpg


image: IMG_0163.jpg


image: IMG_0161.jpg


Thank you for posting them.

Even though we received no assistance, Mr. Caslon from Caslon LTD confirmed that this is indeed their model
Adana 5X3, just reconditioned with a green color rather than with red.