I own a 10 x 15 gordon old style platin press the “challenge gordon” and I need to find the serial number. Can anyone help with the location. On most of all the presses of the gordon old style fame the number is located at the top left on the bed of the press. This presses number is not there. From what I have found out the press was made between 1886 and 1910 if that helps. Thank you in advance for your help.

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My 8x12 Challenge Gordon has the serial # located on the end of the shaft that turns the big gear on the right side.


thank you dave, i was looking at the end of the crank shaft, not the one that the large gear is mounted on, never even looked there

Challenge Machinery was created in, I believe, 1893, when Paul Shniedewend and James Lee parted company from Shniedewend & Lee in Chicago. Lee renamed the company Challenge Machinery and around 1900 moved it to Michigan; Shniedewend started Paul Shniedewend & Co. in Chicago, which he ran until his death.



I’m wondering if your name plate says it was made in Chicago or Grand Haven (MI)?
That would indicate if it were an earlier or later machine as Bob indicates above concerning the move to Michigan.
As far as I know there are no records to indicate and exact year of manufacture based on serial #, but an approximation can be had if you know whether it is a Chicago or a Grand Haven machine. Mine has the Chicago nameplate.