Kimble Motor questions

I came across this Kimble motor would like to know more about it. It was powering a C&P 8” x 12”. Is it true that these are good motors for running letterpress’? What size press is this capable of turning? Is the 110V an advantage over 220 or is it way less powerful? I haven’t seen a motor on a pinstriped mount like this before…does that make it any more desirable? I suppose that it would run the press with a belt? I really like the foot control for the speed. And finally what is it worth? Any help with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for any help, Jon in Mpls……

image: Kimble 2.jpg

Kimble 2.jpg

image: Kimble 5.jpg

Kimble 5.jpg

image: Kimble 8.jpg

Kimble 8.jpg

image: Kimble 7.jpg

Kimble 7.jpg

image: Kimblel1.jpg


image: Kimble 6.jpg

Kimble 6.jpg

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I have heard of and seen Kimble’s used commonly on letterpresses. This one is 1/4 HP which makes it ideal for an 8x12…but nothing much larger. 110v versus 220v has nothing to do with horsepower, so no advantage or no less. Convenient perhaps being able to run 110v.

Is it for sale? $100.00 seems like a good starting point, but it could fetch a little more…maybe $150 or more because it sure is a neat little set up. Personally I wouldn’t give more than $150.00, if I had a pocket full of money and wanted it bad. Your mileage my vary.
The pin striping is the cat’s meow, or the bull’s rear end, whichever expression you prefer.

DJ, Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll take the cats meow. It is for sale..although I am not actively trying to sell it, but….I would sell it to anyone who wants to pick it up in Minneapolis…I’ll split the difference ($125.00) if nobody jumps on it I will cherry it out and look at it….

that sure is a nice logo. :)