Tour de Lead Graffiti / Stages 10 - 13

Continuing with our Tour de Lead Graffiti. At the start of stage 10 my experience with “endurance letterpress” had me with a total time of 147h 50’28” with the total number of runs standing at 52. Keep in mind this includes watching each stage of the Tour de France each morning.

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This would be a good one to read the story because not much happened in the race, but we still needed to do what we hoped would at least be an interesting poster.

image: poster-tdlg-stage-10-370.jpg


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Not a big moment day and another where there was a pretty strong breakaway that was reeled in by the peloton. I’ve often described it as if there were rubberbands stretched between the two groups.

So, we tried printing a tractor beam with rubberbands.

I forgot to bring the camera home. I took some photos of what they looked like for everyone.

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image: poster-tdlg-stage-11-370.jpg


Here is a close-up of the printing of the rubberbands.

We handrolled the rubberbands. We weren’t quite sure we wanted our rollers rolling over the nail heads.

Just for the record the height of the rubberbands is quite low so we could add maybe a 1/16” to the packing on the cylinder which kept the nail heads from showing.

image: rubberbands-printing.jpg


Man, I really wish I had had the money to pledge for one of your posters, these are incredible!

I really love the creativity in your materials and inking techniques.

One of the nice things about doing a project like this is you have a lot of quick opportunities to experiment.

We seem to be starting to experiment more.

Stage 12 and the first big day in the Pyrenés.

Big mountain today was the Col du Tourmalet which was nice with “tour” right in the middle. A bit of handrolling and TOUR blind debossed gave it an interesting look. Scanning it didn’t show the look, but I tried to at least give you an idea.

A few early crashes gave us an excuse to use some of our new wood type arrows and to set off some Bastille Day fireworks.

We love having the outline and solid Clarendon that we are using a lot on these posters. All of the important names had Cs in them which would substituted for their place in the stage. Nice that the Schleck brothers have two in their last name.

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image: poster-tdlg-stage-12-370.jpg


Yesterday’s stage 13 was a bike race for sure. Up the big mountain. Down the big mountain.

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image: poster-tdlg-stage-13-370.jpg