[Heidelberg Windmill] metal rollers are heating up, is this normal?

yesterday was my first time I used ink on my Windmill and when cleaning the metal rollers were heat up.

Is this normal?

Thank you!

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Not noticeable on mine. Are they well lubricated? Could be friction from their journals turning in the inking apparatus side plates.

Yes yesterday I lubricated all the red oil ports on the inking system and I pulled 2 times the red knob of the main lubrication system.

About journals: I dont’ know I try to keep wll lubricated everything! The main metal roller has got a big PLASTIC gear (changed during the 80s), perhaps the plastic can’t transfer heat to the other parts of the press and the heat raise?

What are the temps where do you live? Here in Frascati yesterday we had 18-27°C, and my Windmill is in a very smal room, don’t know if this can help.

Any feedback also from other printers is really welcome!

Thank you,

I’ve asked to a friend and she said they warm a bit, so I believe it’s normal. what about you?


No reason for it to heat up at all. Be sure that the central oiler (red handle) is getting oil to the large drum., It usually runs out the ends of the drum shaft bearings. If you removed the inker for cleaning, did you replace the shims in the same places as removed?