tympan in the uk?

Hi everyone, Had delivery of a 10x15 windmill today, getting some bits together for it. Does anyone know if tympan is available in the UK? Also where could I get some brass Lays from?

Any getting an impression (deboss)? Is it a matter of tweeking packing to impression setting to get it even? Im afraid I’m of the new letterpress generation, everyone one wants debossing.



image: The Heidelberg.JPG

The Heidelberg.JPG

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Nice press
I think you are speaking of the tympan paper used as the draw sheet, or tympan sheet.
You will find it in the UK. Until then, butcher paper is a satisfactory substitute.

Check out the website of Marks3Zet in Germany, THE European manufacturer of tympan papers for most presses. They sell pre-cut, pre-scored tympan sheets for nearly all the Heidelberg presses. Their website is in German and English, and I reckon that they have a representative in the UK as well. You’re looking for ‘Unterlagenbogen mit fix und fertig Straffe’.