Looking for a 3-phase motor for Windmill

Anyone know of a source for a 3-phase motor for a Heidelberg Windmill Red Ball, preferably in the SE US?

The press we bought came from England. We took the original motor to a motor shop and it turned on and didn’t get too hot–they said to try it. We tried it and have been running it this way. The press runs too fast, so we moved the motor back as far as it would go, in order to run slower. Apparently this is putting too much stress on the belt, b/c it’s starting to disintegrate. Does this sound right?

I’m pretty set on obtaining a new motor (and belt), but don’t want to spend the $$ if I don’t have to. Is wiring the motor a different way a possibility, to slow it down? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Yes, exactly, different Hz. Most people I asked thought it would run too hot. It stays cool, just runs too fast. Thanks anyway!

Most of Europe is 50 Hz. The USA is 60 Hz. Your 1750 RPM European motor is probably running at close to 2100 RPM over here. Grainger Supply has a wide selection of motors and 3 phase motors aren’t all that expensive. Just make sure that you match the shaft size with yours. Used 3 phase motors are quite plentiful and they are usually cheap.

Can you post the information from the rating plate on the motor you currently have? or maybe a picture of it?

Attached is a pic of plate.

image: Motor_plate.jpg


Okay, that picture’s impossible to read. Here’s what it says:

Motor - 2Sg90S4

3~ 50 Hz

Nr: E 38559 W/a

IP: 55

Isol. F

380 – 420 V

2.7 A

1.1 kW

Y connection

cos 0.8

1415 1/min


40˚ C

12 kg

PN - 88/E-06701


Basically, you want a 1-1/2HP, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled), 1415RPM, three-phase Y motor.

Grainger item number 1XTJ9 is a 1-1/2HP, TEFC, 1150RPM, 208-230/460 Three-Phase motor. The output shaft is 1-1/8” dia and has a NEMA 182T frame. It’s on sale for $90 while they have stock. (www.grainger.com)

You’ll need to check the diameter of the hole in the pulley and keyway size to make sure it will fit. Also check the mounting hole locations on the motor to make sure they will align with the mount on the press. The link below has the dimensions for the standard NEMA frame sizes.


Thanks Philipmat1, that’s a huge help!

Do you think this motor would need an additional starter? I’ve read that some need this to get the flywheel going. thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a Windmill. Does the existing motor start the press? From the owners manual it looks like when you turn on the motor it is only turning the flywheel. That shouldn’t be a problem.

On my C&P Craftsman 12x18 the clutch is in a different position, so it requires a good push on the flywheel to get it running depending on where in the cycle it had stopped.

You mentioned what I wanted was a 1415 RPM motor and the Grainger link is to a 1150 RPM. Do you think that’s enough?

From the motor data plate that you posted:

1415 1/min at 50Hz (1698 rpm at 60Hz)

The manual I found on-line for a Windmill 10x15 says that the motor should be between 1725-1800rpm.

The press will work with an 1150RPM motor, just slower. You mentioned that the press runs too fast for you already. Press speed is directly related to motor speed, so I found a slower motor.

The maximum impressions per hour is listed at 5000 (probably with an 1800rpm), so at 1150rpm it should run at approximately 3200 impressions per hour.

With your current motor (on 60Hz) you’re probably getting something around 4700 impressions per hour at max speed setting.

Thanks for getting back so soon.