Shipping a C&P 8X12

So I am considering purchasing a C&P 8x12 Old Style press and need some advice on shipping!!! If anyone has any input it would help, such as cheapest company to get things shipped through and all that. The press is located around Cleveland Ohio and is going to Queensbury New York (about 45 min north of Albany, and an 8hr drive from Cleveland) if anyone is traveling this way, able to deliver and willing to help transport it I would even be open to that and willing to pay!

I am unable to rent a trailer and get it myself only because I don’t have a way to get it off the trailer once at my house unless anyone knows how to do that without machinery or the incredible hulk! Trust me if I could make the trip myself I would!!

Again any advice would be greatly appreciated or even aprox. prices of companies you know of! Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

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If getting the press off the trailer is the only problem the easy and not overly expensive solution would be to go to a tool rental near your destination and rent a hydraulic floor crane; they may also have the sling to rent. Almost all the cranes have a capacity of 1 ton and most 2 tons. If you can park the trailer on a level paved place near where you want to put the press, you can then roll the crane up to the trailer (the legs will go right under the trailer) and with the press closed carefully place a lifting sling on the press so the pressure is only on strong parts — the bed and platen — then lift the press off the trailer and pull the trailer out from under it. You can then lower the press to the floor or possible roll the crane right to where you want to set the press and lower it there. You’ll want a second person to help guide and push the loaded crane, but there should be no heavy lifting for anyone. I’ve moved half a dozen hand presses with my crane and it is a piece of machinery to want!


And if that’s too complicated for you, invest $30 in a come-along and use that to lower the press (placed on 2x4 or 2x6 skids) off the trailer with a long lever (aka johnson bar). Slow but easy. There are a number of detailed descriptions of how to move presses in most situations in the message archives here.

Thanks! I think I am going to just make the trip! I didn’t realize getting it on and off would be this easy!!

I used a hydraulic floor crane (al;so called an engine hoist, motor crane, shop crane) to move my proof press. It worked wonders for gettings it on and off the trailer. A come-along worked great for moving the crane loaded with 1500 lbs of press.

I rented a traler from U-Hual for $30 and the crane rental was $30

A pallet jack makes it easy to haul a press around, more so than the crane. You might consider lifting with the crane onto a pallet and then use the pallet jack from there.

I moved one on an industrial pallet and then on a large dolly from u-haul. Three of us pushed it up and down a ramp with a come along, it was amazingly easy!

With care, any of the above will work. The process needs to be well thought out in advance. I don’t like the idea of lifting the press with a fork lift. The press is top heavy and horrible accidents can happen. It can work and a fork lift operator will say it is a piece of cake. I would consider all other methods first.
I suggest removing the ink disk. It removes a slight amount of weight and gets it out of the way of possible damgae. Same for the delivery board and brackets. They seem to be a convenient place for someone to try to lift or push. The cast iron brackets break.
If you have not pulled a heavy trailer before, get some learning and proceed slower than max highway limit and stay in the right lane. It may take you 10 hours instead of 8 and be worth it.
Get home safely and get some ink on your shirt.

Hello everyone,

Any suggestions for a good shipping company? I’m in upstate NY and really don’t have the equipment required to transport a press. I found another press that is pretty close and was just wondering if anyone had any companies they have used that they could recommend!

Thank you

Hi Jerpchap. I’ve used mi logistics
a few times now & been very satisfied. They’re not riggers, just shippers, so you will need to have your press palletized, crated, or whatever They’re a broker & work with a network and get very good pricing compared to what I’ve seen quoted on uShip, which is another place to look. The guy who’s helped me at mi logistics is named Scott.