brayers and hand inking

hi all, you may have seen my thread over in the “troubleshooting” section and may have found a quick fix to my problem until i can get my press repaired, but i think i am going to buy a brayer to cover my butt just incase the makeshift stuff i got this week to pin up my press doesn’t work and i need to hand ink. would anyone suggest this brayer?

i don’t want to spend too much on one since i am planning on getting the press repaired, but i am on a deadline and need to get these invites printed by this weekend. i am not sure how much hand inking i will do once i get my press repaired, so it wouldn’t be very economical for me to be buying a real expensive one now. does anyone else have any other suggestions for good results?

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If you are a little handy you can rig up a handle on one of your press rollers. Dick G.

DickG, I thought about doing this and wondered if it was possible. Anything specific material-wise you might could recommend I pick up?

I made my brayer from an old offset roller i had laying around, i bent up a piece of 6 point brass rule and drilled holes to accomodate the roller ends. duct taped a handle on it and i’ve been using it for years now. Dick G.

Dick, can right-handed individual use that brayer that you constructed? I realize the one you made is for lefties.

Just ink in the othe direction.

Sorry, that was in the other direction. Speedball rollers I believe are for linoleum block printing.